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POWERTUNE top feed 2000cc injector kit

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ABN 45 035 010 911


86 Seville Street

Fairfield East NSW 2165



PHONE: 02 9724 0606

E-MAIL: mail@powertune.com.au




SARD HKS and a few other brands out there do make top feed injectors rails for the S14 and S15 engine but none of them are made to fit the standard intake manifold

the reason for this is because there just isnt enuff room because the plenum camber sits on top of the fuel rail, the fuel rail actually sits in between the lower half of the runners and the top half which is the plenum so there isnt enuff room for a top feed fuel rail


the biggest side feed injector which u are able to fit into the side feed fuel rail is 850cc but if u would like to go bigger u will need to go top feed as any thing bigger then 850cc are top feed injectors

if u dont want to change ur standard S14/S15 intake manifold and u want to run bigger injectors then a 850cc injector this POWERTUNE 1000cc TOP FEED FUEL RAIL KIT product will allow u to do so


the main benefit of using the standard S14/S15 intake manifold is u keep response and mid range power

when upgrading to a after market plenum with short runners and bigger plenum camber u lose response and mid range and gain top end power

if u want to keep response and mid range power keeping the standard intake manifold is the best option for response and mid range


the POWERTUNE top feed fuel rail kit contains

bosch 2000cc top feed injectors

POWERTUNE fuel rail

Earls -6 fittings for both ends of the fuel rail

Billet Mounting brackets for fuel rail

Billet idle air control valve adapter

Billet S14/S15 SR20DET Intake Manifold Spacer (This spacer is 1/2" thick and spaces your upper intake away from the lower intake). It also comes with o-rings on both sides so there's no need for a gaskets.)



TOTAL = $1200



fuel_rail_1.jpg fuel_rail_2.jpg fuel_rail_3.jpg fuel rail kit.jpg

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can also be used on after market intake manifolds

DSC04027.JPG DSC04028.JPG

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