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It's a wonder as to why we are so quick to judge, often times even without giving someone or something the chance to even leave a "first impression." How I got to know Albert Marty is a prime example of how assumptions can and should be broken on a regular basis.


A friend of mine, Al Norris, was scheduled to shoot a car for a magazine. After agreeing to tag along to help with whatever shots he needed, I found out that the car in question was a "Civic." I'm not going to lie, I wasn't thrilled. For one, I was never interested in Hondas. The "Hondas" that I was accustomed to were old, ill-maintained, loud (for no reason), and driven by people whom I wouldn't want to otherwise socialize with. There I go with another stereotype, but stereotypes have a basis, no?


Fast forward to when I arrived at Marty's house (I'll refer to Albert Marty as Marty to avoid confusion with Al Norris) and I step out of the car. Well damn, this car is clean. I'm not talking about physically "clean," I'm talking about the entire vehicle as a whole. Nothing screams "look at me, look at me!" but nothing is suppressed either. It was a perfect example of balance. As cliche as it may sound, maybe form really does follow function.


Upon first glance, I thought it was a "cosmetic" car. It was low, very low (and Marty lowered it even more in between filming), and it barely made it out of the driveway. Marty pops the hood and I just say "wow." Not only is the engine bay clean, it is MINT. Not only is it mint, it looks practically empty. I later found out that Marty had custom wire tucked his entire engine bay. Up until about a month ago, I didn't even know what a wire tuck was (and only found out after building my first PC).


The level of OCD is insane with this car, absolutely insane. Then came the good part... this car is a monster. Now, I'm not too familiar with Hondas, so I was in for a treat. I take a seat in this car and get an experience I've never felt before. This car has no traction in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gear?! When it finally hooks in 4th, it feels as if you're being crushed into the back of the seat. It's fast.


Then another one of my assumptions were broken. Marty is truly a down to earth guy. After the photoshoot, he invited us over to his house for a few drinks and homemade burgers. We talked about cars, life, hobbies, photos, videos, everything. It was an amazing end to a great day.


That's when he approached me to have a short film made. I was pumped, but also a bit worried about the near 1 hour drive to and from his residence. Fast forward to a few weeks later, and we decide to give it the green light.


Although the actual film is only 6 minutes in length, it actually took 4 trips to finalize the shots. I'm not going to go into detail as to why this was the case but everytime we would ride down, his hospitality was just as great as the first time I had met him. This really drove me to get this video made, and to the best of my abilities. This also meant that if I came back to find a particular scene was "okay," I'd drive down again to re-shoot. Yes, I was a bit in over my head with this project, but that's the type of person Marty is. He instills motivation in you.


Throughout this entire experience, and the rough schedule (with other shoots in between the filming for Marty's car), there were plenty of delays. That being said, I'm glad the short film is finally finalized. If you guys ever have a chance to see Marty's car in person, you should definitely go check it out. Just make sure you haven't been drinking before you ask for a joy ride!


Stay tuned for some deleted scenes footage, there will be a separate video posted up on both my Vimeo/Youtube channel within the next week or so!


Albert Marty's Instagram:




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