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Found 208 results

  1. Item: Nismo Engine & Gearbox Mounts - Nissan 200SX/Silvia S14 - NEW - SOLD Description: Nismo Engine & Gearbox Mounts - Nissan 200SX / Silvia S14 Purchased a few years ago but never fitted. Included: - LHS Engine Mount - Genuine Nismo Part - Part No: 11220-RS540 - RHS Engine Mount - Genuine Nismo Part - Part No: 11210-RS540 - Gearbox Mount with original box - Genuine Nismo Part - Part No: 11320-RS541 These items may also fit the following vehicles but please check the part numbers and do your own research: - Nissan 180SX - Nissan PS13 - Nissan RPS13 - Nissan S14 200SX - Nissan S15 200SX Price: $350$300 Location: Ferntree Gully, Victoria Willing to post?: YES Contact: Dave 0407 192 887
  2. VIC Pickup Box Hill, or sometimes can meet at Essendon DFO after work. Reasonable offers considered. Send me a PM if you're interested S14 rear seats $80 S14/S15 3" catback cannon exhaust (like new) $280 S15 dash, passenger airbag, 5 vents - immaculate $350. If you don't want the vents, $250 (dash and airbag no vents) S15 custom sub box, big volume and vents towards back seat, two 12" subs (one repaired), blue LED in the box, couple of amps and some trim panels to make it look nice $300
  3. WTB SR20det flywheel

    Looking for a flywheel from s13/14. Teeth in good nick. Can machine myself if slightly worn. Don't wanna spend too much.
  4. Hi all - I have a steering wheel from my freshly imported silvia and a unknown boss kit for a S15 - details are as below: http://www.momousa.c...heels/race.html Item: Genuine Momo Steering Wheel + S15 Boss Kit Steering Wheel Dark Grey / Black Colour Serial Number: KBA 70116 Horn button included (as shown in pics) S15 Boss Kit Dark Grey/ Black Colour No marks or scratchs Condition: As above Price: $150 Location: South East Melbourne Willing to post?: Yes; at buyers expense Contact: 0450074423 Cheers
  5. Wanting to buy a 180sx or s14 non turbo as my first car, p plater legal and preferred it to be stock
  6. s14 s1 bonnet

    WTB s14 s1 bonnet (pref in white or black) in decent condition. PM if you have anything
  7. WTB[qld] S14 or 180sx rolling shell

    Hey guys and gals I'm in the market to buy a new project and want a new base. I'm looking for either a S14 or 180sx or even a clean as f*ck S13. I have a budget of $1500 'MORE' for the right shell and on it's condition. I know what I'm looking to buy and what I'm willing to pay. and also willing to wait if you not parting for a month or so. I don't want to buy your silvia that's been bounced off every wall at QR and archy or full of rust. Colour or paint work does not matter as long as all panels are straight. It much be rolling I can supply my own wheels if need be but 'MUST' have all panels and lights and most interior and all glass. I'm going to be picky this time around because I'm sick of trying to find the small pain in the ass parts to make it complete. If you have one or know someone that fits this criteria shoot me a text on 0421 768 632
  8. FOR SALE Walbro 255LPH Fuel Pump with Conversion Kit Product No: GSS342 Condition: New in Packaging - Never Used. Fitment is Universal so it can suit ANY Car.... N⁄A, Turbo or Supercharged under 500hp. Reason for selling: sold my car before doing the upgrade. PRICE: $120 Located: Western Sydney. Pick Up or Happy to Post @ Buyers Expense! Contact: 0421 503 two50 If you're unsure the pump will suit your car, please Message or Call the above number to clarify. Extra Information from Walbro The Walbro GSS342 high output In-Tank electric fuel pumps is one of the most popular aftermarket fuel pumps on the market today. Available in flow ratings of 255 liters of fuel per hour, these particular pumps flow significantly more fuel at higher pressure. For example, at 80 PSI the standard 255 lph pump will flow around 132 liters (35 gallons) per hour. At that same 80 PSI the equivalent HP (high pressure) fuel pump will flow over 210 liters (50 gallons) per hour. Walbro in-tank electric fuel pumps utilize a proven gerotor design. The outside dimensions, however, are compact enough to fit existing hanger assemblies, without modifications.
  9. Just got a metal intake pipe and dosnt have a bov return fitting. wondering do i just block it off or weld a fitting into it? Cheers
  10. Hey guys, I am new around here and need some help with tyre fitment! I am a complete noob with offsets. I am going to buy these RPF1s. 18X8.5 +30 | 18X9 +35 Does anybody here run them on an s14 and have pictures of the fitment? Or just have any idea about how well they will fit? I am currently running 245/45/18. 9" I think? on my rears. No idea what offset though. My guards are rolled and have plenty of space still. My other options are to drop down to 17s with a way lower offset, Some people that I asked say to try get my offset around +18? But like I said, I am completely new to offsets haha. Hope someone can help Thanks guys! [Edit] I forgot to mention! I am only running king springs No coilovers are fitted.
  11. recently have sold my S14 Series 1 and now have no use for these parts. All parts are for S14/S15 only. There is a mix of S1/S2 parts depending on what they are obviously. Most parts have been in storage for a while and also have been through a move of house, so may need a good clean before use. 1/ S1 Apexi Power FC ECU with hand controller. Base map I'm pretty sure, Used but not in my ownership. No I will not sell the hand controller separately. Please don't ask. - $700 2/ S1 Tinted rear taillights complete - $60 3/ S1 Eyelids (Need minor work) - $30 4/ S1 Crystal Parker Lights - $50 5/ S1 Crystal front indicators - $50 6/ S1/S2 Crystal Side indicators - $25 7/ S2 Taillights in good condition. - $220 8/ Replica Supermade Rear Wing. Has been plasti-dipped and will need re doing after being shuffled around. Still in good condition. - $220 9/ Standard Cat Back Exhaust. Cleared EPA fine. Cat not included. - $200 10/ Standard Side Mount intercooler and piping. - $200 11/ Lowered Front springs and shocks. I'm pretty sure they are Lovells. About a 2.5" drop from memory. - $50 12/ Set HKS Supermax Coilovers Front and Rear. They do knock. They are dusty. May be good for parts or wet pan if you don't care for the extra noise. They are camber, height and damper adjustable. Rear dampers are shot from memory. - $200 13/ Rear Choppies - $$ Free with any purchase. 14/ Standard Toe and upper rear control arms - $50 15/ Standard S15 Air box. Fits S14, cleared EPA. Includes filter - $150 I do have a few other parts that need work like an aftermarket FMIC, a JDM S15 Steering Wheel with centre, Greddy turbo timer, S14 starter motor and some random hoses. But not much else. Prices are firm. May post smaller items. You're dreaming if you think I'll post an exhaust or suspension parts etc haha. Pickup is from Blacktown, 2148.
  12. $300 XTREME 6 Puck There is still quite abit of meat on it and the clutch still ran strong before removal. Also comes with some other stuff as seen in pictures. Pickups only around western suburbs.
  13. Hey guys, I've got a 5speed s14 gearbox in my s15 which came with a short shifter when i got it. After doing a gearbox rebuild and getting a new clutch i also decided to get a stock s14 selector because i prefer the feel of the stock over the short, plus the short got abit bodgy down the track. Now the problem is the s14 stock gear selector now hits the console surround, mainly the bottom 2, 3 , and reverse gears. I've been driving the car without the surround and its fookin awesome, but i dont like the sounds and smell coming from the box. I looked around google and this forum to see if anyone has had the same problem. I found one post where some guy "sanded" parts of the surround which was what i had in mind, but i dont know exactly how to approach it as it is a chrome material. here's the post: http://www.silviawa....showtopic=24889 So if anyone here has been in the same problem, help me out !!! Here's a pic to give you an idea.
  14. s14 RLCA?

    Hi Guys, I'm currently building an S13 for track and drift use. I have already bought an s14 rear subframe and now I'm onto buying suspension arms. The car will be reasonably built and competitive and I want to know if the RLCA are worth it or a waste of time. I do a fair bit of racing in my old mans Rx7 FD atm, which is a sub 1:40 second car at phillip island on semis and I'm hoping to build something with potential to be of similar pace after some development. Obviously the will be setup a lot differently for circuit and drifting, but this should be more so in the front end. I have my eyes set on an sh Ikeya arm set for sale at the moment on yahoo, but i want to know if the RLCA are really worth the extra money and also how you would go about setting the rear end up. I can see the advantages of having wider track, but then how do i go about spacing out the axles? Also I presume adding extra length into the bottom arm will hugely change the rear ends geometry. I can see an advantage in less weight and perhaps some extra strength and stiffness but that's about it. Also it seems the Ikeya RLCA adjusts rear roll center off the lower arm, which seems ineffective in a multi link rear end. I haven't really played around with a Silvia's suspension geometry but from what I can gather and from experience racing against silvias, they normally lack drive with is something I want to concentrate on. Thanks guys,
  15. hey guys, Im new to the site/first post and need some advice with a issue im having. my car cranks but wont start on first start up but will eventually start. heres a video to give you an idea. i thought it may have been the starter motor because eventually the car didnt start and just clicked however i got a new battery and the car is back to cranking and starting eventually. any ideas what it could be?
  16. Hi Fellas As title states, I'm looking for an s15 spec R wing in reasonable condition and a complete set of OEM s15 side skirts. Any condition is fine as long as they are repairable. Ready to pick up this week. I'm located in the Western Suburbs VIC. PM me your offers.
  17. Item: Tomei 740cc Side-feed injectors Condition: Brand New, only taken out of the box for photo purposes Price: $550 +$10 Post with tracking Item: Kinugawa Td06sl2 20g internal gate turbo T2 flange (standard sr20 manifold) NOTE does not come with lines or gaskets Condition: Brand New, only taken out of the box for photo purposes Price: $700 + Postage with tracking I am willing to negotiate on price if sold as a package. Reason for sale: Sold the car that they were bought for Location: Newcastle NSW Contact: 0448784711 please text only as I am unable to answer the phone during the day due to work commitments
  18. WTB: s14 climate control surround.

    I'm after a climate control surround to suit a s14. Located Northern Suburbs around Ingle Farm area
  19. Oil cooler

    Just wondering if an oil cooler is worth putting in or is more or less a gimic thing and if there is any benifits and if so what? Thanks.
  20. Hello, I was recently in a front end car crashed with my s14 kouki and my reinforcement needs a replacement. My question is would a s15 reinforcement bar fit on a s14a? if not any suggestions where to get one? I also damaged my radiator support and needs a replacement too. Is radiator support welded or can it be interchangeable. Sorry if this is not the right place to post as i'm new to these sort of things...forum etc. Thank you.
  21. Just wondering if anyone can shed some light on the meanings on this plate, is of my stock t28 bush bearing turbo off a 1996 s1 200sx s14.
  22. So i bought a S14 awhile ago and want to do some things to it but it is a Q model. I am wondering if it is worth it to work on it or just leave it. I don't know the exact differences between the Q and K besides the motor and the amount of lugs on the wheels but there may be smaller things that just aren't worth working around or replacing. Any advice would be great thanks.
  23. S14 Original Wheels

    Hi All, I have a set of s14 standard wheels for sale. Tread is above 50%. Reason for sale: I just bought them and I thought they will fit on another car. But they don't. Price: $200. Location: Sutherland, NSW.
  24. i was wondering if anyone could give me a some information on what size injectors they think would be needed to make 360rwkw on E85 without being at 110%? from what i have read i would be looking at a minimum of 1400cc injectors. does anyone have some suggestions on brands aswell? i have been looking at the ID range they are redone bosch injectors but they are quite pricey any input would be greatly appreciated
  25. GK tech - rear toe arms

    Selling GK tech rear toe arms. suit 15, s14, r33 and r34! unopnd and still in box / plastic sleves asking $200 Located brisbane/ goldcoast Contact Kobe on 0432562257