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  1. Price : $5 Condition : Used Heaps of S14 parts to clear! Some from Series 2, heaps from series 1. Prices negotiable, offers welcome on everything, anything without a price just make an offer. Lists below are in no order, sorry. Can get pics of anything upon request so just drop me an email with anything you want to check out. all items pickup coffs harbour, 2450, happy to help out shipping stuff where possible at buyers expense. Front seats Pair from series2 $100 (excellent condition) Rear seats from series2 $50 (excellent condition) Front seats pair from series1 $100 (excellent condition) Bonnet lining random boot carpet space saver spare s14 sr20det gearbox - 2nd gear is completely gone. I stripped it down and pulled all busted teeth out ad its all back together, selects fine just no 2nd. parts maybe grille from series2 $50 aircon controls & surround from series2 pair of indicators. came off series 2 but have seen same units on both S1 & S2 $40 370cc injectors $50 steering wheel, airbag, clock spring all intact from series 1 stock oil filter block/cooler thing x2 std boost sensor x2 top radiator hose blue *new* chinese screw on filter relocation plate gearbox mount $25 camber arms castor arms with new bushes dump pipe with o2 sensor still attached. needs new plug $50 std intercooler aircon compressor and condensor x2 (1 condensor core is fairly poor condition, the other is excellent condition) Series 2 ECU $75 ADM wing green $50 All the below is from a Series1 wrecking at the moment. Body panels red (all have dents of some form cause drift car): front guards doors, mirrors, glass, trims all intact boot bonnet tail lights (some damage on right hand light) headlights abs unit drive shaft 5 puk clutch and cover - unknown condition, looks average fan parcel shelf cluster with 251xxxkm dash suspension x2 sets complete 5 stud setup (hubs, brakes, knuckles etc) all std suspension arms alternator pedals steering rack 1 windscreen wiper shell itself when all this stuff is gone (bent chassis, right rear)
  2. I believe it - when i bought my stock s14 from a guy in melbourne a couple years ago i picked it up and drove it home to coffs harbour (very tentatively and off boost the whole way) 1400km and did it in less than 2 tanks haha. filled in melbourne before i left, then sty of sydney and wasn't on empty, then home to coffs and still had a third of a tank! I couldn't believe it then. Then the mods started and now its like 'efficiency?! whats that shit?'
  3. Diff clunk/rattle

    if the diff was shimmed just before you got it and is tight as it could well be that. I shimmed my diff a while ago, it pretty much locked it up (when I say pretty much I mean it has, and still is) and its loud as all hell with clunks and shit when low speed cornering.
  4. Ive had a search and couldn't find it, did we at one stage have a name and shame type thread to put details of people who had ripped us off so noone else got caught out by the same scumbags? I know I've read through one on here once before but can't find it. Anyone direct me to it?
  5. Epic car fail thread

    Commodore with the normal chev badges, but a subi bonnet scoop...
  6. S14 airbag light flashing

    hang on just found the amounts of flashes to represent the malfunctioning part. So in diagnosis mode and you get the malfunction code and have the 0.5sec interval flashes - 2 - drivers air bag module circuit is out of order 7 - diagnosis sensor unit is out of order 8 - front passenger air bag module circuit is out of order 9 or more - more than 2 parts groups are out of order and your screwed lol have fun mate! Oh and one last thing - if you get this far and it tells you whats playing up and you decide to check it out yourself, disconnect your battery before touching anything and either let it sit for half hour or give you leg a workout on the brake peddle a few times to discharge power. otherwise you might touch something and have your airbag pummel your face into the back seat...
  7. S14 airbag light flashing

    Incase you didn't get this sorted- I dunno about the tacho but your airbag light will flash to indicate a problem. Here are the codes from the service manual - After you turn on the ignition- light on for 7 sec. then off = no problem light on for 7 sec. then flash on off in 0.5 sec intervals = system has problem. perform self diagnosis with "diagnosis mode" light on and doesn't turn off = system needs to be repaired, has been deployed or disconnected So if you have the second one and its just continually flashing you need to enter 'diagnosis mode'. To do this, turn the ignition on and within 7 seconds press the drivers door switch at least 5 times. Ive read all about the 'close door, open door, turn on ignition, close door, hit button 86 times, do a jig, close door' - its all crap. Just do this, open the door, ignition on and hit the button at least five times quickly within that first 7 seconds. It might not work the first time so just try until you get it. Once your in diagnosis mode the flashing will be different which will tell you what the problem is- if there is a malfunctioning part you will get - light on then off for 2sec, on for 3sec, off for 2sec, then flashing at 0.5sec intervals. how many times it flashes in those 0.5sec intervals is what represents what part of the system is at fault (I don't know the corresponding flashes for each part sorry - would need to speak to nissan) if you continuously get off for 2sec, then on for 3sec (so on off on off in 2/3sec intervals), that means it has found no malfunction. you can then change it back out of diagnosis mode by doing the first thing with the door (ignition on, press door button at least 5 times quickly within first 7 seconds) this should reset it back to 'user mode' and if there was no fault it should work properly (light should turn off). If you had the fault code and its flashing to represent that there was a malfunction with some part of the system thats when you need to scoot over to nissan and pull out your wallet i think...
  8. gps tracking

    have a look at mongoose.com.au they do a few systems. I had one of their systems in my old car a few years back, gps tracking, sms pager system would text you when alarm was activated and what section of the car was triggered (so you knew if someone was trying to open bonnet, boot, doors etc), also had codes you could text back to it to immobilise engine, close windows, turn off lights all sorts of crazy shite. This was back in I think 2003 and it cost about $1400 odd all up to get it done. After looking more at their site now id say it was a combination of one of their tracking systems, alarms and an alarm pager system. Worth a look if you planning on setting up an alarm from scratch with a tracking system on it but pretty pricey if just looking for the cheap tracking option... The bloke who suggested it had it in a soarer and I think thats what they specialise with - toyotas, but I got it put in my R33 no worries and worked a treat
  9. Tyre Review thread.

    bought earlier this year so obviously part of the bad batches but only just used them last weekend. This was only half a dozen laps, car is at about 150kw so pretty poor... I put atr's on afterwards and skidded on the one set for the rest of the day! I would like to see the feddy's get their reputation back but I still won't be going them again, I'll go the atr's from here on in i think.
  10. you can pull your solenoid out and test its operating properly by running 12v through it and it should actuate (if working). If its working properly the problem will be the gear itself - contact taark on here for a new one, he won't rip you like a nissan dealership will...
  11. S14a drift thing

    Well this is it, thought I'd start a thread for this before it got to late cause I'd love to see it turn into something either totally amazing or totally wrecked down the track and either way would be good to have a trail of its life! Got this s14 end of 2011 with the intention of learning to drift in it but leaving it registered for a few years was the plan, its now been just shy of 11months and I've ended up getting a trailer for it already so don't intend to re-register it when it comes due next month so it will either be like I said, totally amazing or totally wrecked some time soon... sorry if any of the pics are crazy sizes :/ This is how it looked prior to being picked up I don't mind the lens d1r's, cheap as for what they are so I got a couple more for skids, hate the red lip on them but so painted that straight up. also painted the lip on the white ones that came on it too snapped this pic out the back of work day before i put coil overs in to remember how it looked this is the most recent pic i have of how it looks at the moment, is sitting a little lower again at present but not sure what to do as its a pain in the arse to get onto the trailer. either have to use long as ramps, raise it, or take front bar off for each load/unload. currently leaning towards just doing from bar as half the mounts got all mangled from a tyre wall a while back anyway and its just cable tied anyway Umm, so when I got it was stock except for wheels, pod and cat back. Since then what I've done (what I can think of and in no particular order)- BC BR coilovers gktech dump & front pipe gktech castor arms gktech camber arms strut braces front/rear 040 fuel pump enclosed the pod blitz front mount new vct gear (cause tractor) and threw in rocker arm stoppers while playing in there subframe collars monza fixed back seat and pulled a bit of the interior out shimmed diff thats all I can think of right now and i meant to be working anyway so better leave it at that but yeah basically its to learn to drift in so you can see where I'm heading with it, basically just playing handling gear at the moment and it actually skids pretty nice currently with bugger all power. future plans - finish of suspension setup skids play with brakes do more skids then think about feeding it more fuel and air lots more skids...
  12. Anyone thinking of entering this but for some crazy reason hasn't yet paid, this looks like the last chance to try and get this event to happen!!! Check out the Facebook page - http://www.facebook.com/events/161252217328756/
  13. is my s15 running too lean

    random pic from google, but as the boys have said, either get a good wideband or get it on a dyno if you want to get an accurate idea of your afr's, checking plugs is a good guide only.
  14. This is the drift scene

    Even If I was at this level with drifting, I could not afford to load up, travel, pay entries etc to compete in a national comp (like ADGP for e.g.) just because I wanted to. But if I entered a smaller state level comp that was closer to home, cheaper overall to get to, enter etc. and I gained an invite to then take part in a national comp, I'd find the money for sure any way I could. I think the idea of earning your way into a national comp would get a lot of drivers to find the money someway and its also a good selling point for yourself and your skills to sponsors to then help get you there.
  15. Yep, I know there is one happening in qld that same week but even still, you read so many posts from people saying the old 'not enough track time' spiel, I can't understand why people aren't all over this.