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  1. I think have the front of the car of your choice on the front of the shirt, wether it be a S13 or skyline or whatever. And the back of that car on the back of the shirt.
  2. stadium drift this weekend

    Who is going to parklands this weekend?
  3. my new S13 =]

    got a exhaust made up for it today Twin pipes Will be going on soon
  4. my new S13 =]

    haha yeh, i couldnt pass it up. with sr20 with 119,00 kms. it was well worth the money
  5. my new S13 =]

    Thanks mate
  6. my new S13 =]

    Yeh, i got a lend of a kit, so i can see wether i like it or not. What do you mean with the air intake? Pod filter? Have considered that. any idea on the price of sr20de extractors? and how much hp it adds Cheers Brad
  7. my new S13 =]

    yeeeh, thought about getting the guards rolled. its only early stages yet.
  8. my new S13 =]

    Thanks mate
  9. my new S13 =]

    if anyone knows where to get some straight upswept pipes would be good!
  10. my new S13 =]

    Thanks mate yeh i think im set on straight upswept pipes. cannons are just... meh
  11. my new S13 =]

    yeh, there are potholes everywhere around here. bodykit- maybe not such a good idea. i like the rims on ay. maybe ill get some spacers
  12. my new S13 =]

    haha, nah no 15 front, i wish yeh, the exhaust aint very good, but its not staying like that for long
  13. my new S13 =]

    Engine: sr20de Exhaust: some shitty one Suspension: cusco coilovers Wheels: 17x7 koya Gold with a chrome lip Modifications: not much ay Stereo Audio / Visual: not much either Estimated Power: meh, stock sr20? its also got the standard silvia floor mats Just bought this S13 today, goes alright. getting off my learners soon so its come just in time. future plans - better exhaust, maybe twin pipes perhaps a bodykit, not sure tho. resprayed Let me know what you think Cheers Brad
  14. cressida on bags

    where would you get air bags from for a cressida? http://www.boostcruising.com/forums/index....266261&st=0 just like that one Any ideas? Cheers Brad
  15. cressida grande

    Is it possible to get a kit for a cressida? and if so where? cheers