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  1. Unidentifiable S15 Lip

    Nah... ain't topstage.
  2. Unidentifiable S15 Lip

    Do want. Is it a NZ car? mabey try s-chassis.co.nz
  3. being 1 piece it may be dmax bar, not %100 sure though.
  4. It's packing a blitz s/c 2zz-ge conversion, so wing is functional.
  5. ^ lol. Nothing spesh, just a clean mr-s
  6. What is this?

    Advan RS wheels, yashio factory gulf kit
  7. Looking at getting one of these as a daily. Does anyone have specs on the wheels?
  8. Dont know? I just typed S15 Lip into google awhile back & found it.
  9. Topstage & JDM front Honda Integra Si/DC2R lips are all ive seen. Topstage: I think this is the Si lip:
  10. Quality Rims

    Yeah, buddy club make good gear for hondas... but I don't like p1 wheels that much. I'd go RPF1 Enkeis if you must pick from them or buddy club. Regamaster EVO's are another nice wheel
  11. Quality Rims

    What model civic is it? I presume eg or ek... I'd look at Honda integra DC2R wheels, sprint hart CPR's, Mugen MF10's or Volk TE37's like others mentioned. CPR's TE37's DC2R's Mugen MF10's
  12. What are these rims called?

    might be XXR/sportmax 522's which are reps.