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  1. Ripped off by forum member

    woahh, way to name me. All give me low ball offers on everything and expect asap delivery. It isint cheap sending an item thru fastway when you don't hold an account. Have begun refunding the 3 buyers. Mods please close/ delete thread *facepalm*
  2. NISSAN FAST Thread (Thread Now Closed)

    my buyer wants all orignal badging so i need the part number for the rear 'Nissan' badge on an s15. thanks again (y)
  3. 180sx type x or s15 autec

    180sx type S is the non-turboed one. definitely go the autech if its NA powahhh! opinion on p-plater car? that would be cheaper and faster?
  4. j headlight globes?

    hey, if you cannot find anything on google, then just go to supercheap and buy some cheap halogens and see what fits..
  5. Dear wheel Gods

    thanks man, might change the rear to +38 so don't have to run camber thanks Nissan S15 2002 18 x 8.5 +24 215 / 30 18 x 9.5 +30 235 / 30

    MODEL OF CAR? s15 CAR’S PURPOSE? looks, abit of fast cornering at times. DESIRED CAMBER FRONT AND REAR (IF KNOWN)? stock, SUSPENSION MODS OR PLANS? just firm as f**k coilovers DESIRED LEVEL OF GUARD WORK? only willing to roll the inner part of the gaurds, STRETCHED TYRES OR NOT? DESIRED WHEEL WIDTHS? 8.5 front, 9.5 rear DESIRED TYRE WIDTHS (IF KNOWN)? DESIRED WHEEL SIZE? 18 inch OTHER IMPORTANT NOTES? just want as close to flush i can get, without rolling the exterior, just the inner parts of the gaurds at most. minimal camber, hopefully none, and the tiniest stretch, would prefer none. can you also recommend what tyre size to get? Offsets available in the wheels i want.. 18 X 8.5 - [5-100, 5-114.3 / +30, +38, +47] 18 X 9.5 - [5-100, 5-114.3 / +12, +20, +30, +38] cheers
  7. high, after offset for s15 Wheels: Works Emotion 11r 18x8.5 front 18x9.5 rear Guidelines: Closest to Flush fitment, but do not want to be rolling outtar gaurds, just the inners at most. so whatever that leaves me. these are the offsets available.. 18 X 8.5 - [5-100, 5-114.3 / +30, +38, +47] 18 X 9.5 - [5-100, 5-114.3 / +12, +20, +30, +38] So tell me what I'd be looking at, thanks lads.
  8. how much for hi/lo s15 kit? 6000k will i blow or wreck bulbs by changing to high beam a few times ? pm me please as i am ready to buy now if i can..
  9. dream build would be a s15 front conversion, with an r34coupe rear conversion then this r32 gt-r conversion.. http://picasaweb.google.com/truckadsjoe/240SXProject?feat=directlink# r34 rear 180 180 fronted s15 180fronted varietta
  10. talamaska, you're a legend! Have you ever seen the s15 front/r34 rear 180? It is actually a 240, from america i never seen pics (linkwas dead on an old thread) but there was alot of talk on the roumns about it >
  11. Sell me your boot badge?

    cheers for the sale tim, next time you're selling something i'll leave feedback on your topic. alot of dodgey traders ruin it for the good ones.
  12. Aero/GT spoiler help

    s15 the spec-r gt / JDM aero one.
  13. 2 questions -Are the OEM ones fibreglass? mine seems to be. -How do you mount them? mien came with no bolts or nuts, and the holes don't look to have thread in them.
  14. Zacs s15 Daily Drifter

    haha,so you had fun? any chance you still have the old modified spoiler? I am in QLD and would buy that bad boy right off ya
  15. Could someone recommend a good and fair priced place on the 'coast that would modify my s15 'GT' wing?