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  1. Told a supervisor I was pregnant and had to have the day off sick.. I'm a male.
  2. Kim jong I'll jokes

    Is that... Asian Charlie Sheen at bottom right?
  3. Car in a container

    Carcoon? http://www.carcoon.com.au/
  4. Record a vid of it if possible? Could be a different noise to what we're all thinking.
  5. It's been done before...
  6. ARC running again?

    From what I've heard, it will be back in late November, rebranded as ARC Brazing.
  7. If you want a home-built short shifter, what you cut above the ball pivot, put it below the ball pivot so it will become shorter rather than being lower to the ground.
  8. internet scams

    I'm certain they'll pay you x amount above purchase price for 'Shipping Fees for Agent' to be handled at your end then the 'money' they've paid will not be honoured so it never ends up in your account, therefore you're x amount down and possibly a car if you go that far ahead..
  9. I've got an S14 gearbox in my S15.. Including labour it cost me around the NZD$2000 mark. Parts alone were NZD$1200-NZD$1400 which included everything required for conversion, plus a shiny new knob

    Alternatively if it's a factory colour, you could grab the paint code and take that somewhere to get some paint?
  11. I'd edit that post if I were you... Who knows who could be looking... Good to hear you've found a solution though