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  1. Too big to drift?

    I dont have a proper dyno sheet as the car is only running on the run in tune. I was just thinking instead of wasting $500 on a tune just for a dyno sheet saying it makes 300rwkw of unusable power. I would be better off spending that money on a 2871r.
  2. Too big to drift?

    atm it makes 14psi @ 5100 but as i said its a run in tune. currently, it has a unknown spring and shock combo and a shimmed diff.
  3. Soo i've gotten back in a silvia finally, and i've just bought an s14, car is intended for only drift / rare weekends. Specs: gt3540, built bottom end, mild cams, injectors, ecu etc. Problem is the car atm is on a run in tune and f**k me its laggy. Question is, has anyone tried drifting on a 3540 (or a huge comparable turbo)? Basically i have two options, a) retune on 3540, go spastic on suspension sell 3540, buy a 2871r/3071r, retune and leave suspension for now. Opinions???
  4. Exhaust Places

    If anyone is mates with a person who owns / works at an exhaust place pm me
  5. Paid the seller but no item?

    I am in the same boat, i paid Jmac $450 on new years and i've had about 20 pms from him with excuses about shit getting lost and that he'll refund my money blah blah. OP: u can have a fake first name aslong as the last name and account numbers match.
  6. JMac

    if someone can still pm me his details it would be much appreciated
  7. JMac

    fml lol.
  8. NSW Spotted Thread

    spotted a s13.4 at blacktown shops, white te37's, p plater. looked hot.
  9. JMac

    Hey guys, i need to get in contact with JMac. if someone could point him to look at his inbox or be able to pm his number it would be great.
  10. New types of speed cameras

    i saw the bathurst 1 about a week back going to my parents house. Pretty sure i didnt see any signs tho, i dont think there actually speed cameras. did scare the f**k out of me tho there pointing in every direction lol
  11. APL Poker

    nah its crap going with only 100 or so try to take x4 the max buy in. u always get sucked out and shit, just gives u a better chance to win more money. say that tho, if u feel like ur playing bad or tilted, just go home lol
  12. Drive Friday Night

    maybe be up for it. pm me the dets anyway, might come with roh or something
  13. nah i never actually applyed cos none of the scenarios apply to me so there was no reason for me to be driving that car (according to the rta anyway) id rather a rwd but there isnt much n/a ones with decent power except for the s2k which is out of my budget (my brother has one, hopefully he still has it when i get my licence back) and dont worry about 4wd cos anything 4wd non turbo would be a slug, so really my main choice would be a fwd which i wouldnt mind at all as long as it handles good and integra type r's are apparently one of the best handling fwd in the world so what im thinking is a integra type r with extractors, exhaust, proper cold air intake (minus the pod filter so it doesnt explode), coilovers, decent wheels, power fc and vtec controller and that should keep me happy for a couple years no more easy sideways action though and its dubbo polices problem now cos thats where it went which im very happy about cos ill never have to see it around and burn everytime lol my parents live in dubbo, do u know the guys name? i went to school there lol. yay another import there, now i wont be the only 1 getting f**ked up what was done to the car btw?
  14. NSW Spotted Thread

    spotted jay-180 at lithgow yesterday - going down bells line way
  15. APL Poker

    depends what i feel like lol, usually 200 or 200 - 500. have given a few shots at 500-2k but that table just wants to gamble and i am not rolled to play at that stake lol