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  1. Price : $1,400 Condition : Used Hello Everyone, I have a set of four (4) brand new Enkei RPF01 in silver for sale. I ordered them a good 3 months ago and have since sold my car. Was bought for a 2010 Sti. Item: Genuine Enkei RPF01 Size: (4) 18x9.5 +38 offset Stud pattern 114.5 Colour: SILVER Condition: Brand new Price: $1,400 neg Will to post at buyers expense Picture: Contact me on 0412 120 806; you can text or call me but preferred no PM as I am not on the forums too often. Regards, Stan
  2. I remember this thread haha! Good ol days =D Always been a shaker, too much effort to pat lolol
  3. Spazo go with Low carb (10c/35f/55p) Low carb (10c/35f/55p) Mild carb (20c/30f/50p) high carb (30c/20f/50p) Type of routine, your body won't get use to low carbs ( such as what tom tucker typed) Low carb diets pretty much consist of; Chicken Red meat Fish - tuna Plenty of green veggies A lot of this information online - such as bodybuilding.com, simplyshredded.com etc etc Do some more research, don't stick to one specific source, expand your knowledge. Good luck mate
  4. bb.com/misc - can't help myself hotmail.com carsales.com ns.com once a week lol
  5. Hello, Tein Strengthened Tie Rods and Tie Rod Ends: only $315! how much extra delivered to Perth 6018? Regards Stan.
  6. What front lip?!?!

    s15, with dc2r front lip = yes.
  7. S15 offset

    Camber and thin tyres = win Johnny's car is baller =) +1 need a slip in spacer up front
  8. I have similar mods Power FC dj T28bb s15 injectors (maxing out at 7k tho, should upgrade) bosch 040 Profec B ebc full exhaust fmic gfb bov tuned at 183rkw @ 16psi ... but its feels better than my friends 200rkw @16psi (same mods excepts t28 (adm turbo)) If i was u, i'd get injectors and do it right straight out! So around 180rkw-200rkw depending on dyno/tuner
  9. C35 Laurel Build

    Shame you moved back to vic =/ I went to the tyre shop the other week and asked for you, n they told me your gone!!
  10. skipping breakfast for fat loss

    I don't agree with the article, but I think its ultimately the amount of calories consumed. 2 meals will mean less calories, quiet simple.
  11. Kendall Jenner?

    I agree with Rolled Cambers. I would NOTwant my daughter to be world wide fap material at 14 nor at 18 ... Different folks, different strokes.
  12. What are the spec for bobi T's ride? looking nice !!
  13. How do you add all into the chart and get the discount? Mines just adding them up full price.