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  1. Hey there posted a thread that had no replies a couple of years ago back when I could remember the password for my old NS account Anyhow when I 1st got my car around 7 years ago it used to always ideal @ around -62 x 100 KPA I changed the plugs one day and it decided to idle @ around -.58 - .60 x 100 KPA SInce then I have doe all sorts of things bigger turbo, cams/springs, ECU injectors E85 and the idle vac for the most part likes to hang around -.58 kpa x 100 I've been a bit sus on my VCT working properly the last few years although no crazy tractor noises. The last few days I seem to have gained some vacuum with the car now choosing to idle at around -.60 to -.61 kpa x 100 Nothing has changed, I can understand that you can pick up a idle vacuum leak from a leak in a line or cooler pipe but that sort of thing won't get better on its own only worse. Any ideas? and also can VCT problems be related to fluctuating idle vacuum???