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  1. cheap places to travel on a budget

    This spring I plan to visit Germany, Poland, Austria and the Czech Republic. We will also have the opportunity to visit Ukraine for several days. I have long wanted to see Kiev, in addition, last year we found new friends from Ukraine, I think they will be happy to meet me and my GF. I read a lot about Ukraine, so I try to find excursions in advance that would be of interest to me. I watched a series about Chernobyl and I want to visit the ghost town of Pripyat, I found tours to Chernobyl from Kiev here https://chernobyl-from-kyiv.com/, but I would like to compare prices. Maybe you know some other options?
  2. Are there any fans of the League of Legends game? I used to play this game very often, but I had a break for more than 3 years. Now I want to start playing LoL again, but I don’t know which smurf is best to choose. Does anyone have any idea how the game has changed and which smurf is more needed in the clan?