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  1. Hey guys, Sorry in advance for being a noob. Just got a question in regards to my 1996 s1 s14 and I wanna see if any of you champions can provide me with some of your insight. The car suffers from occasional yet extremely random engine cut outs. It is honestly so irregular I cannot seem to find a pattern or diagnose what is triggering it. Other than the car running slightly rich and backfiring it runs perfectly. Now on to the issue.. It has happened when I was idling, on the highway 90km+, cruising through streets at a steady speed between 20-60km/hr or on idle. When it occurs, the RPM and Speedo both drop to 0 but the engine stays running and there is no throttle response. When I put the car back into neutral the engine cuts out and I can crank it back over no issues at all. Its strange. Initially, I thought it seemed to occur more often when I was driving aggressively but it occurs occasionally when car is idling or driving low speeds. Now I have used the hairclip method to try diagnose any codes, nothing, even got universal comp scan from my mechanic mate, nothing. Everything seems to be in order, cant be an 02 sensor or anything if there is no codes. I have checked the alternator and battery with a voltage meter, both fine. I have checked most earths and cleaned some of them up and re-bolted, still no fix (Unless there are sneaky hidden earths somewhere I have missed). I have done some research and some blokes have had the same issue where 1 bloke found the problem to be a loose wiring behind the ignition barrel near the black box, and another suggesting it was the MAF. Could it be exposed wiring on the o2 sensor perhaps? Vacuum leak? What do you guys think?