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  1. Importing my Import

    So I'm going to be moving to the USA soon and going to have to decide whether to sell my import or import it to the States. Already spent a considerable amount on the car here. Tough decision, but I'll do whatever makes the most sense regarding time and money. But say I did want to import it where I'm going, what tips, precautions, advice, w/e should I know going in? Also, any company recommendations? I have friends in the USA mentioning these guys https://www.wcshipping.com/us-car-import but these friends have imported from Europe, so it's a bit different. Anybody have anything to say about them? I'm not wise to what the regulation or requirements are for vehicles entering the USA, but I heard it is strict. Is there anything I would have to worry about if the car is a plain import from Japan?
  2. Daily Driver S15

    Seems like you know what you're doing. Good luck adding onto this beauty