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  1. I've got a set of these rare wheels for sale, ideal for anyone wanting to keep a classic 4-stud look for their S13 and in perfect offsets as well. It's in fact this very set: http://www.hardtuned...howtopic=468339




    Note that I've linked the old photo from the previous post, because I'm a lazy shit and it's effort to take the wheels out of storage for new pics. I'm more than happy to take new ones for interested buyers, just let me know.


    Price: $1250


    Located Sydney northern suburbs

  2. What I noticed is that v2 looks to have worse efficiency overall, and especially at higher boost levels - 2.5 pressure ratio and above, which is >20psi give or take. The new maps also show a smidge of extra flow at the very far edges of the map, but it's unclear if that will translate into real life or if it just looks good.


    Therefore I'm sort of skeptical they'll make any extra power, if anything I'm worried they'll be worse than v1, in particular for 2L turbo engines on E85 and high boost. Suspect they're aimed at turbo-converted V8s on lower boost - mind that Garrett is also releasing reverse rotation variants for symmetrical twin turbo setups.

  3. I forgot to also mention reverse rotation as well on the gen 2. More aimed at v engines to allow mirror image engine bays I guess.


    Agreed. Unfortunately these seem to be designed for bigger engines running lower boost. One look at the compressor map and you can see that the efficiency above 20psi is absolute balls. And actually the efficiency in general is sacrificed to an extent for meagre gains in flow at the top-end - so intake temps will be a tad warmer as well than the first-gen GTX.

  4. Apart from good pads two of the best things I did to improve braking durability on the track was remove backing plates and install air ducting guides, brought my braking temperatures down significantly....


    I thought backing plates were good for thermals and kept fluid temps down?


    For a track car removing em wouldnt matter too much but for daily you get sick of going SQUEEEEEEEE every time u stop

  5. 29. Had my 180 for 4 years. I had plans on modding it, but it was too fucking stock and was such a nice daily that I sort of didn't want to. After looking at a few modded 180s and toying with getting a modded GTST, I wound up trying out an Evo VI and was pretty amazed at how much better it felt to drive - plus they're silly fast on track - so I got one with basic mods and ordered some MCAs.


    FD RX7 is what I really wanted but it's hard to find a good one, plus they're a tad expensive and will get pricier as time goes on, so not sure if I'll ever own one

  6. 270 is just a huge fkn cam, even 264 is a big cam for your setup - so your boost threshold would be cam limited for sure. You have far less VE at lower rpm and not enough exhaust flow/pressure for the turbo to spool up.


    It's fine if you're spinning up around 8000-8500rpm, but otherwise it shifts power too far into high rpm. By way of example, stock cams are good between

  7. Worth mentioning that wider tyres with lower profiles are supposed to actually be somewhat worse for straight-line traction to a certain extent. Reason being that the tyre's contact patch doesn't actually get larger when going to wider tyres - it just gets longer laterally and shorter longitudinally. This aids cornering to a certain extent, with a corresponding minor loss in straight line traction. And of course, for track work, allows the tyre to be worked harder without heating up as much, hence why you start needing more rubber on the rear with increases in power, and on all 4 with the addition of aero bits and bobs.


    The other factor potentially worth consideration is that lower profile tyres are less comfy and wider tyres are more likely to hydroplane in wet conditions.


    So basically, physics tells us to prioritise compound 1st for street applications, and also that drag cars need *tall* tyres to maximise straight line traction (just look at top fuel cars). Soft semis in 205 will shit on ordinary tyres in 255 or even 305 for straight line pulls. Track work is another matter entirely.

  8. I think Evos are a logical next-step for a lot of silvia owners too, purely because its easier to spend money being fast (track) than training yourself to be fast.


    It's not really a solution in that regard - the problem is that you just start getting compared to other evos. And the goalposts shift from 1:10 to like 1:06 or something :teehee:. It's all relative


    But yeah... I wanted upgrades for my 180sx, namely FMIC, big brake kit, top feed injectors, oil cooler, moar power. I suddenly got interested in Evo 4-6 once I realised they have all of that from the factory, plus a better head.. and at the end of the day we all want better head.


    Evo's pretty amazing to drive as well. Only unfortunate thing is no "drift mode".





    E85 tune done. I feel for my driveline...


    That's going to be fkn silly to drive

  9. Opinion on generic eBay or tyre shop rings vs Work or KICS branded rings? It's a pretty simple product, but you still wonder a bit about tolerances and metallurgy. If the tolerances are too loose then the rings won't do the job properly (as the wheel will not be in contact with the ring)


    I don't have any digital gauge so can't measure precisely to check either, otherwise wouldn't worry too much about it

  10. Boiled my brake fluid coming down the old moss vale road into the Kangaroo Valley. I made a thread about it before.


    May have been here. https://goo.gl/maps/ukBTgW8dpUk - I remember pulling over on the runoff and seeing a couple of crucifixes on the cliff face on the left.


    Where I was lucky: Was behind a truck for the first few hairpins. And I had slowed down a bit for some reason anyway just prior, and at least had brakes entering the corner, then there was the nice little runoff area to the right. Otherwise I dunno hey. Got lucky.

  11. there's a bit of f**king around, I think it was ralliartRSX on nissan road racing forums did it, can't remember wtf he had to do, but possibly had to grind off a bit of the engine block or something


    another option is to just get low mount manifold made up. If you go that far you might as well grab a twinscroll 6758 or 7163 to suit.


    yet another option .. I seem to remember something about new, more compact EFR compressor housings coming.. they might fit more easily on stock mani.