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  1. Turbo opinion

    HKS T51
  2. is twin scroll really worth it?

    FWIW every OEM turbo application uses twin scroll now as it dramatically improves efficiency, regardless of whether it's a small or large housing - and most of them use it on small housings, ensuring that there's virtually no lag and spool by 2000rpm Anyway, despite the authoritative source you're still taking a bit of a risk, as nobody has actually tested the 61 on an SR (or at least posted the results on the net). However everyone knows that the larger twinscroll housing works great, so worst case if it chokes up top you could switch out for the larger one and sell smaller one to someone with a 1.8 - mx5s etc. Rather than Garrett you could look into the small-frame EFRs, which are arguably better than the GTX30s, but are also internally-gated so all you need is a nice manifold and you're good to go.
  3. Anyone up for a Sydney meet soon?

    I'm not on FB at all either. I'm happy with WhatsApp tho, worked for last meet. Just create a group and get people to PM you their numbers, then add to list
  4. I was driving with some vigour, but by no means near the limit, down an extremely steep hill and following a few hairpins, nek minnit my pedal's gone soft and there's nearly zero braking force. Tried pumping and no difference. Yelling expletives also did nothing. I had a very lucky escape as there was a flat runoff area before the next turn, because frankly, I would have been f**ked otherwise. My best guess is that the fluid boiled, but I always assumed that the pads would fade first cause I recently put in high temp penrite super DOT 4. The A1RMs were actually brilliant right up to the last hairpin. Bear in mind that I'm using OEM s13 brakes and stock rubber lines so something giving up was always a possibility, but on my old pads the braking force would just get sketchy and slowly peter out (with whatever old and f**ked fluid the last owner had as well), so I wasn't anticipating or planning for any sudden catastrophic failures like I experienced. What do you guys reckon?
  5. Nek minnit, no brakes

    Lol @ necro bump. As an update, I've acquired some cheap GTST calipers, which I had planned on rebuilding like.. months ago.. but I'm a lazy shit / haven't had time / etc. I spoke to RDA as well and they can do the GTST rotors in 4-stud. But I've sort of lost motivation for this car, too much $$ to build up from scratch.. more interested in just buying a rego'd track car now and keeping this as daily or selling it while it's still essentially stock.
  6. So everyone knows the car was a PR exercise. Everyone. Presumably they want more female viewership. This guy threw a huge spanner in the works for sure. The media have all focused solely on the moral/PC aspect of what he said but the reality is they're missing the point. He's probably managed to f**k up the entire exercise! Anyway, from my experiences trying to get these things round Bathurst on iRacing (a few v8 drivers run it so I assume it's pretty accurate), I'm not at all surprised. f**king weird and difficult cars to drive. 1km/h over the limit round a corner and it's just understeer city. 1 hair too much on the throttle and fishtailing. I've put it into the wall far too often. f**king live axles, give me the GT3 cars any day.
  7. WTB: Nissan 200sx S15 ADM P plate legal

    Aw man.. it's not often I like a yellow car, and that one looked pretty nice. But IMO S-chassis are as predictable as it gets. There's a reason why it's the canonical drift special. Like, the first time I got the rear out it was by accident booting it in 2nd round a corner on a rainy day, boost hit and suddenly I'm delivering tofu. I couldn't believe how easy it was to bring it back. Pretty quick steering, slightly nose heavy so the rear in pendulum mode doesn't have much inertia, plus a decent amount of caster meaning the wheel practically counter-steers itself. That said, my car isn't slammed so the factory suspension kinematics are within spec On the other hand, MR2s, AP1? S2000s (pre-suspension update), Lotuses, old Porsches obviously, etc... those cars have a reputation for a reason!
  8. Anyone up for a Sydney meet soon?

    I'm down for this! Especially if it's up north near my place haha STILL haven't installed the new brakes tho.
  9. sydney streets, onboard montage

    Some of you seem a bit uptight aye. That said, bragging about a few sneaky drifts, at night, in the wet, for internet points of all things is a bit naff. It's not like we haven't seen it before in 1000 other videos. If you want to do something different, you want to make ACA for sure - make sure you hit the CBD during the day, in the dry, maybe do a big downhill entry from Bridge onto George st
  10. GTX3067

    Just buy a C63
  11. Battery s14 200sx

    Battery? That's pleb shit. Use a bunch of capacitors instead http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3x_kYq3mHM
  12. Nobody should drive with shit tyres, nevermind the car.. ghetto tyres are downright scary once it rains, and if anything you're way more likely to ahve your brain smeared across the windscreen if you crash a 20 year old hyundai
  13. GTX3067

    It's supposed to flow the same as T3 0.63, so not too small by any stretch. http://nissanroadrac...90852#post90852
  14. EFR 7163 results

    The response is pretty crazy for 2L 340rwkw. VVL will do that integrated bov no good?
  15. GTX3067

    Someone needs to bite the bullet already and get a GTX3067 with T3 0.61 twinscroll housing. I've heard from a Garrett dude that A/Rs are equivalent in divided and undivided, so it should be pretty identical flow-wise to the usual 0.63 housing that's ideal on 2L SR20s - but twin scroll so will spool much much faster (edited this due to shit info)
  16. Anyone got comparison lap times w Invo and similar tyres? Could be that USA has different compound (true for some manufacturers) but Invos didn't review that well on this comparo http://www.caranddri...tto-invo-page-4 Thinking my next tyre will prob be AD08R as its hard to find anything decent in 16"
  17. Beyond a certain tyre size, the tyres just never heat up to the right temperature, so you actually wind up with less grip. Especially on cold days. Having a heavier car heats the tyres more, which is actually why heavier cars tend to utilise larger tyres. Nothing to do with power to weight ratios (check out Lotuses) Funnily enough with wider tyres, you don't actually get a larger contact patch with the road at all. It just changes shape. But other, more complicated stuff to do with tyre deformation and sidewalls do result in a little more grip, however it's nothing compared to running at the right temp, hence why there's a sort of bell curve where gains from increasing tyre size diminish rapidly (less grip => less friction => less heat into tyre => can't get tyres up to temp => less grip)
  18. 180sx subframe bushes

    sǝdıd ʇsɐןq
  19. Identifying coilovers for S15

    Also, shit shocks on soft springs will actually often feel harsher and more generally horrible than quality dampers on stiffer springs. It's because the damping at fast shock velocities is f**ked, meaning kidneys get thrown around when hitting bumps Something like MCA Blues and you'll be fine
  20. 0.63 is single. Twin scrolls come in different numbers to the undivided housings, probably to be less confusing for people, or maybe not. 0.61 twin scroll is a thing however. Apparently it flows nearly as much as the 0.63 undivided. See this thread: http://www.nissanroa...read.php?t=5520
  21. Qualified mechanic wanted

    Read an article in the AFR the other day about some labourers in VIC being paid $49 an hour under some sort of collective bargaining deal I'm starting to think that I should start a software developers union LOL http://www.afr.com/b...20150828-gja817
  22. I wonder if its possible to register a Formula 3 car as an ICV
  23. It's all relative. Nobody needs 350mm rear rotors unless they have aero or slicks or >9000kw
  24. hesitation on boost and under load s13 180sx

    is THRO the TPS? 0.0v throttle position is not normal should be from 0.4ish to about 4.1v at open throttle. can test this with car on but engine off btw. see section 2 on this page http://www.plmsdevel...etup_tips.shtml
  25. And replacing the outgoing 370Z, it's a crossover with a 1.6 I4 http://www.autocar.c...ar-be-crossover ayy lmao