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  1. Hey bing how does this plug colour look? I gave the car a shakedown with the td06 without a tune.
  2. Based in Bendigo, Victoria.
  3. Hmm ok I'll have to get it done. Gave it a gut full the other weekend for a shake down, better get into it ! Thanks for the reply
  4. Hi all. Just changed out my Sr20 turbo from a 2871r .64 to a Td06sl20g 8cm is there any need for a touch up tune? It's just a track car and the closest tuner for me is around 2hours away. both turbos are similar power output, my 2871 was on full boost 3900rpm from what I read the td06 Is anywhere around 4000-4100 in only running 14psi low and 17psi high.
  5. Hello gentlemen. I have for sale a kit I purchased. Is in near new condition it was tuned for e85 and was making 327rwkw on a e85. Comes with 100s of dollars in pro flow fittings to make it full bolt on. Aeroflow rail also. Description: Bosch 2000cc injectors / fuel rail / fuel pressure reg Price: $850 Location: Melbourne Willing to post?: yes free Contact: Matt zero four 03735792
  6. WTB 2 way diff suit s13

    I'm chasing a 2 way diff to suit my s13. Chasing one in good condition not clapped out. It's a HICAS model if that helps. I'm in Vic but will pay postage. Thanks
  7. Hi all. As my s13 comes on boost it starts spluttering and won't hit boost. I looked for cracked cooler pipes and joiners but they are all good. I did notice on my oled greddy boost controller valve one of the ports has nothing in it? I have one going in and one coming out but the 3rd port is threaded hole?
  8. Ok I might go down to the -10 option... There not for my street car, just track s13. Thanks again Bling
  9. Hello all. I've researched pretty well and I've come up with vs-xx 18x10.5" -23 offset for the rear of my s13 with 50mm over fenders. Does that sound right? Just before I pull the trigger on the purchase any advice would be really great. Don't want to buy them and they are off.
  10. S13 hicas 2 way diff

    Thank you sir. Appreciate the reply
  11. G'day. Just wondering what diff centre do I buy for my 1993 s13? I have deleted the hicas, but I'm unsure what diff I get? Is it the same as any s13 diff I see on rhdjapan (NISMO GT , KAAZ) ? Or are the shafts different etc? I'm a bit confused.
  12. The old seal wasn't hard. It really didn't feel much different than the new one. I'll take it to another place and ask about the speedy sleeve aswell hopefully they can sort it out. My mechanic mate was rough as guts using air impact to do flywheel nuts up etc. Snapped one of them!
  13. Hi all. I need some help asap. I've had a mechanic friend put in a new rear main seal on my redtop sr20. There was a small leak between the block and the bell housing that would drift a few drops so before my first track day I thought it would be a good idea to fix it. We dropped the box, tailshaft etc. The seal looked ok but all my mate did was put a screwdriver into the seal and pry it out. He placed the new one in with grease around the outside and knocked it in. Problem now is Its leaking more then it did the first time !!!!! What could the issue be? It was a oem rear main seal. It only leaks out of the 10mm slot at the bottom of the bell housing so it must be leaking from the crank and dripping out that way? I'm fuming, might have to cancel my first track day tommorow!!!!!!!